Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Joseph's party this year was a huge success.  We had a ton of family and friends, good food, and lots of gifts.  I guess the excitement of the gifts was so overwhelming, Joseph never once looked at the camera.  

Instead of doing a traditional cake, I decided to make cheesecake pops.  They were a tremendous amount of work, but now I know why people stick with making regular cake pops and not cheesecake pops!  Besides the hours it took to complete them, they were very tasty and seemed to be a hit at the party. 


Okay, okay, I have been MIA lately...I really need to work on allowing myself time to update this blog of ours!!

Easter was a blast this year. Joseph had fun dying the eggs and double dipping them to make new colors. He is really good at figuring out what two colors together make, ex: blue and yellow, blue and red, etc. And when it was time to dye them, he was ALL boy...never once did he worry about splashing the dye out of the cups or getting it on his hands. Instead he'd pretty much throw the eggs into the cups, then take them out with his hands when they were to his liking. Next year, we may dye the eggs outside and adhere the dying cups to the table.

Oh, and last but not least, the easter basket.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Here are a couple of 2 1/2 year or 30 month pictures. 

Monday, November 29, 2010

2 1/2 years old...already??

At 2 1/2 Joseph knows his: ABC's, can identify almost all of the alphabet, can count to 20 (pronunciation can be iffy), can identify numbers to 10 (working on 11-20), and knows his basic colors and shapes. He loves to paint and color, play with his legos, dress himself, any of the Toy Story 1,2 or 3 movies, Max and Ruby, is fascinated by dinosaurs and cars, and still enjoys reading books and playing with puzzles. 

He is a very independent, energetic, talkative, and an overall happy boy. He is starting to understand rules and consequences, and beware, he is known to make a cute shy face when he knows he's done something wrong!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was a blast this year! Joseph loved saying "trick or treat" and ringing all of the doorbells. His favorite Halloween decorated house ended up scaring him, so we had to hold him most of the time after that. Once we got done he helped hand out candy, but refused to hand out candy to the kids dressed in scary costumes. 

 Skeleton with "Jason" from Friday the 13th.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Farm

This year we drove out to Fog Willow Farms, a pumpkin patch in Wilton.  It was such a nice ride in the country and Joseph had a blast yelling and pointing out all of the cows and horses along the way.  The pumpkin patch has a petting zoo, where Joseph got to pet the little pygmy goats, they were so cute!  The farm has all sorts of animals, a huge pond, a giant haystack for kids to climb and even tractor rides.  Unlike some of the other pumpkin patches we’ve been to, this one felt really family oriented and owned.  We look forward to going again and making that our annual pumpkin patch trip.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Creepy Cupcakes

I made these super cute skeleton cupcakes last weekend that I had found online.  They were a little time consuming, but very easy to do and came out so spooky!  Everything was edible except for the backbone (lollipop stick.)  Joseph loved them.

 Here he is dissecting the serious!