Wednesday, August 4, 2010

California State Fair

We were on the fence this year about going to the California State fair, after back and forth debating we opted not to go, and go to Costco and splurge instead!  So when Aunty Josette asked me last week at work if she could take Joseph, we jumped on the opportunity to spend time alone.  Sunday morning we prepped Joseph and told him he was going to the fair with Aunty Josette and Brienna (her daughter), and that Mommy and Daddy "would not be going."  He was totally excited.  Once we got the car seat, stroller and diaper bag together he raced and stood by the front door.  Josette and Brie came by and swooped Joseph up and were gone 6 LONG hours.  Let me tell you the day went by suuuupper sloooow.  We ran a couple of errands, and visited my mom where we had normal conversations that didn't consist of Joseph yelling "fishy, fishy, fishhhhhyyy!!!"  I must admit we did miss him :)

Joseph had an absolute blast and was so well behaved that Josette is looking forward to her next adventure with him without Mommy and Daddy!  He clapped and started yelling, "YAAAAAAYY," when they pulled into the parking lot.  He went on the train ride, "choo choo," with Brie, they spent a ton of time at the petting zoo (Joseph insisted on petting every.single.animal), ate fair food, and got a free bandana from Camp Smokey for collecting all of the stamps.  Here's a few iphone pics.  More pics to come.


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