Monday, October 18, 2010

Splishin' and Splashin'

Last Summer 09' we signed Joseph up for swimming lessons at the Aquatic Center near our house.  It was nice to see him learn the basics in the pool.  This year we did not sign him up, and it became a challenge for us to get him in ANY pool.  We tried at Grandma's house, and we ended up going swimming, while Grandma and Joseph ran around.  Finally towards the end of Summer, we finally convinced him to get into the water, well Daddy did!  Honestly I think the majority had to do with the fact that the water was cold, not anything like bathtime which he loves.  Pool time became a group effort, and unlike before it finally worked!  Mind you, the pool sat for three months before Joseph finally used it.  Next year, we definitely will be doing a couple rounds of swimming lessons!


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